Fast, Healthy, & Cost Effective Chicken Noodle Soup

Greetings! As always, I so appreciate you stopping by and spending some moments with me here in my little corner of the world.

Recently I was thrown back into my child raising days, as I was trying to raise four little humans by myself. Neither time nor money was my friend. One of the biggest challenges was cooking meals. My time here in Alaska has been the same, challenge after challenge.

Fast forward to a new chapter and I STILL am aware that neither time nor money is my friend! Always looking for healthy alternatives to meals that leave my wallet alone and not chew up an entire day….

Sound familiar?

As I’ve mentioned before, I am no Martha Stewart. Have never been a great cook. I try but ask any of my kids and they will come up with the stories…..believe me!! Some very interesting creations indeed. So am always looking for 1) healthy, 2) quick and easy, 3) Cost effective aka cheap and 4) something that tastes great to eat.

I think we all enter into our own version of “groundhog day” and start to feel we are making the same three things. Ugh!

So this recipe fits all of the above criteria. It’s quick. Easy. Cost effective. And delicious. It saves well. Freezes well. Can be the main thing at your table, or an addition to something else you’ve made. A great appetizer. A perfect lunch. An easy grab and go for many of us with busy lives.

Nutritional info at the end of this article.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Chicken – I used three large chicken thighs.

Vegetables– any kind really. Fresh, frozen, canned. I used one can of veg all, one can of carrots, some left over peas. (Keep in mind – Im still in very rural Alaska and fresh produce is very hard to come by), so I used what was available and encourage you to do the same.

Chicken Broth– 2 cans

(Not Pictured) 1/2 lg garlic clove, one lg potato,

Seasonings of Choice – I generally use the staples. Minimal salt, loads of pepper and garlic powder.


Chop the garlic clove and potato.

Sauté both the garlic and potato in some olive oil until tender. (This is where you can add other fresh vegetables of your choosing – carrots, celery, zucchini) depending on preference. I find about ten minutes does the trick.

You’ll also want to be boiling your chicken to get it cooked. You can also bake it. Bbq it. Whatever floats your boat. You can also use leftover chicken from last nights dinner. (Cost effective – remember?)

Debone the chicken and get it into soup sized pieces.

Add rest of the ingredients (except noodles) into the pot with the garlic and potatoes that have been cooking in your pot – Chicken, broth, and remaining vegetables.

*When I am using canned vegetables, I dump the entire can in there, juice and all.

Bring to quick boil and then simmer for 30-45 minutes on low.

Then grab a fistful of your noodles and add them in. (Remember, Im no Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsey or even Chef Boyardee – I rarely measure)

Simmer for another 20 minutes or so.

The potatoes and noodles tend to give the soup some substance. You can easily thicken this up if you are a fan of stews, by using a little flour or corn starch if you like.

Wha-La! This is so tasty considering how easy it is. You can add things or subtract depending on your taste. For you Meal-Preppers this is a perfect 1-1.5 cup serving to freeze and stack in your freezer for a nice grab and go as you head out the door to work or wherever your day is whisking you off to.

Delicious. I mean – really delicious! Perfect as a main dish – and add a grilled cheese and call it dinner.

Nutritional Details:  For each 1 1/2 cup serving – Calories 181, carbs 20g, Sodium 238mg, fat 6g.

I hope that you will try this quick and easy go to recipe. If you do, would love to hear your results!

Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to my little blog. I have a 2 part series upcoming about my daughter and my trip to Greece. When travel was easier.

Even though we are all getting through this Pandemic – I still saved for two years and took her. And it’s a story worth telling. Stay tuned!! Part 1 will be this Saturday with Part two on the following Wednesday.

I realize travel is minimal as we all attempt to get through to the other side of this pandemic. But make sure to make a note of this upcoming blog, as when travel becomes easier and opens up, Greece needs to be on your list!

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Until next time…… kind…….always,

Oh and…….wear a mask,


2 thoughts on “Fast, Healthy, & Cost Effective Chicken Noodle Soup

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  1. I make something similar and is always a great go to several day meal. I find it tastes best on day two!

    Thanks for another fun edition to the blog!


  2. Love this and make a similar version myself. It is always a great multi-day meal that warms the heart, stomach and soul. I find we like it best on day two after it has had a night of rest/mingling if flavors. That being said, I will make it a day before we eat it.

    Thanks for another inspirational blog post.


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