Random Sunday Thoughts

Greetings! And, as always, thank you for spending your moments with me. 

I’m sitting here, on a hotel bed, in the quiet, creating my weekly blog post from my phone. Yes, I live in hotels. Has its moments, benefits and drawbacks. One of them being internet hiccups that prevent me from accessing my blog, and computer photos. So? This blog, will be a typical rambling and scattered mess without my usual mass collection of latest photo shots. Hopefully next week will be better. One thing about me, is I always find a way. My path may not be a straight one, but I usually get there. 

I started a list, after going through my uploaded photography to Lightroom. To make a ballpark plan of upcoming blog posts. What subjects? Places? People? Things? After uploading, I caught a glimpse of the number of photos. 10K of them. Yes, that’s correct and no typo. Ten THOUSAND of them. Keep in mind, I delete and toss the ones I don’t like the same day I shoot, so these are all keepers. The places shot, and the things captured are pretty awesome! 

As I’ve mentioned, my long term plan is vague, I just know I have something stirring deep inside to do something different. I do love healthcare. (Healthcare in general. Not Healthcare in the US after the ACA)  I do love taking care of patients. And I do feel very humbled at the fact I have sought out the populations of the poor and homeless to be dedicated to. However, I feel a stirring. 

My passions? Are writing, photography, and travel. So, although not altogether sure, I know I’m headed in a direction to combine all those passions together and create an income through them. Call it a win/win. I’m working toward that end now. But? For now? I travel with my current career choice, a Family Nurse Practitioner, and go to wherever the need is. Live in hotels. Go on random adventures on my own. Hence……Life in a suitcase….. And for now it’s in Northern California. 

We all have dreams. Pictures of ourselves doing what truly makes us happy. My vision? Backpacking across Europe. Collecting passport stamps. Going wherever, whenever and for whatever. Peru. Prague. Africa. Canada. Budapest. India. Nepal. Writing about it. Photographing it. And creating a YouTube channel for single women that desire to do the same thing. Believe it or not, there are many of us. Why not? Do not have a clue how I’m going to pull this off. But? I can tell you something. 

I will. 

So….with that being said, here is a short list of places I’ve been, places I’ve photographed, and experiences I’ve had, that all deserve a blog post. Let me know what piques your interest and I will put it at the top of the list. 

The Beautiful Arizona Desert – Southern Arizona. You either love it, or hate it. I believe it’s beautiful. It’s always reminded me that any circumstance can be survived through. 

Crescent City California – (last town in California before the Oregon state line) Coastlines. Barking seals as my alarm clock. Being told by an Indian Chief to go sit on a rock. Many weekend road trips. 1400 mile commute to get there. 

New Town North Dakota – learned much about the pipeline. Survived -36 degrees. Rugged and beautiful open spaces. Driving home to Az in a blizzard being the only vehicle on the freeway and the highway patrol even refusing a rescue. 

Hartford Connecticut and East Coast – six of the most beautiful months. History. Many weekend trips. Parents visit for a week. Survived the worst winter in Connecticut history. 

London –been many times. Too many details to post here. King Henry VIII. Castles. Pageantry. History. Pubs. Double Decker’s. The Arts. Fish and Chips.  My most favorite city in the world. However, from travelers I have met along my journey, I have been told that after I experience Prague, this may drop to #2 spot? Whaaat? 

Northern Arizona – Sedona. Flagstaff. Grand Canyon. Oh yeah….. and working at a prison and surviving three riots being the only provider there. Yeah, that happened. 

Wales – Amazing. Must go back. 

Scotland – Again. Amazing. Kilts. Shearing sheep. Haggis. Edinburgh. Castles. William Wallace. History for days. 

United Kingdom – This will definitely take more than one post. The entire country. Bath. Chester. Stratford Upon Avon. Football. Culture. History. Architecture. 

Northern California – Where I am now. Wine country. Indian history. Coastline. An area yet to be fully explored. 

9 hr day trip yesterday. Found a lighthouse. The photos are breathtaking! Soon……

And that’s a short list. Drop me a vote on what you’d like first. Also, my random brain is sure to hop off on a few bunny trails. So expect posts on my inanimate object picture taking days (bridges, ocean waves, doors, lock and keys, trees etc)

Subjects? Traveling on a budget. Minimalist packing tips. How to keep your peace during these chaotic times. Don’t ask why, just ask yourself why not. Making a plan and sticking to it. Being true to yourself. Tiny Homes (yes, my future) 

I suppose after all of the above, at the end of the day……it’s this. And this I truly believe:

The only limits we have, are self imposed. 

I so appreciate you getting to this point in my blog! And again, thank you for spending your time with me. Moments are most precious, never to be returned. We all get the same 24 hours. Spend them wisely. 

Make sure to click “like”, leave a comment or suggestion, and leave your vote on the next blog subject!! 

Until next time……be kind…..always. 


A Hidden Gem

Greetings! And as always, thank you for sharing your moments here with me. As you know if you have read any of my posts, I can be a random person, always looking for something to learn, someone to meet, somewhere to go, a new adventure to experience. As I traveled from Tucson Arizona to Ukiah California, I took the Pacific Coast Highway and took five or six days to inch my way up and photograph the journey. (see catherinescottage.net – that was to be my last post on that blog site). When I planned the trip I tried to gauge miles and booked hotels on the way. The last night on that journey, I cashed in my hotels.com free night credit and decided to splurge on a nicer hotel than usual. I had no idea the town it was in, as honestly?  have never heard of it. But wowza! What a find!!


Capitola is a dot on the map, right off of the 101 and just south of Santa Rosa. I didn’t choose this due to the location, I found the hotel and it happened to be there. I originally looked for a hotel that was quiet, unique, and pretty. I found a bed and breakfast that looked kind of like a Beauty and the Beast location, all fancy and fairy tale like. And it just happened to be in the quaintest little beach town. The town of “Capitola, California.

The board walks, the quaint little streets, the coastal strolls, the pubs and restaurants. This will definitely be on my places to return to. Lo and behold I found an English pub, ran by a couple of Brits that were almost as crazy as I am! They made me an original Steak and Kidney pie, treated me to a pint and I watched English footie for a couple of hours. Heaven.

And now for the hotel, which was more of a Bed and Breakfast. Twelve rooms total.


The front door was locked and it was opened by a young woman who was in a typical black and white European style skirt and blouse. She knew already who I was and showed me right in. She took a personal interest in everything I was there for. The entry room and parlor was very European. With special touches every where you looked.

She showed me every nook and cranny of the place, and handed me a big golden key. It really did feel like a fairy tale. My room was at the top of the stairs. “The Stratford upon Avon” suite.

The room was simply amazing. I mean….perfect. Down to the toiletries in the bathroom. A steam shower with rain spout. A fireplace. A window seat. It was just so pretty, made me feel like a princess. I went out to explore the town before the sun went down and to take some pictures, that’s when I found the English pub and hung out for a bit. Returned to the hotel with cordials and port waiting? Seriously? That was a first for me! Also local wines to choose from in fancy crystal wine glasses.

Let me tell you, it was one of the best night’s sleep I have ever had. With cracked windows, sea breezes and a fireplace throughout the night. The bed was one of those that gives you a big hug with covers just heavy enough to wrap you up and hold you comfortably. Didn’t even turn the tv on. It was just too perfect.

I was asked what time I would like breakfast and I said 8am since I needed to hit the road to get to my final destination. When I walked downstairs I was greeted with a hot cup of coffee and a chair pulled out and waiting for me.

The breakfast wasn’t anything I would have ever ordered. Eggs Benedict with hollandaise with avocados and some other stuff….I thought…..O. M. G. Runny eggs? avocados? But I promised myself I would not turn anything down,and this is the year for trying everything before I judge.

So I ate it.

And honestly? It was one of the best meals I have ever had. Lesson Learned.

I’m all about being financially wise and pinching pennies to get the most mileage out of every experience I can. But once in a while it is ok to step outside of reality and be in a scene from Beauty and the Beast…..if just for a night.

Well worth it. Depot Inn, in Capitola California. If you ever get a chance, treat yourself. It was totally worth it!

Sidenote: Each of us has a journey, a path. Most of our stories are not easy. The image we project is usually our best side, our happy place. But there is always some kind of a challenge, struggle, mountain to climb. Each of us is different. With that being said, don’t judge your fellow brother or sister you pass along your journey. You never know what the faces you pass are struggling with. Financial issues, family issues, homelessness, loneliness, mental illness…..whatever. As you know I carry my infamous ziploc baggies full of the hotel toiletries i save, a $5 bill, playing cards, chewing gum, a pair of socks, and whatever else I find, along with a handwritten note with a positive message of “hang in there”. I give them out to anyone I pass along my way holding up one of those infamous cardboard signs. I’m forever writing “love notes” in my random spare time, to anyone, or no one, and leave them everywhere. Airport bathrooms, grocery store shelves, park benches with a “To you. Yes You. If you are reading this, this is for you” on the front of a colorful envelope.

My point is this. I’m nobody special, and I do have my own struggles. But?  It’s what I can do. With what I have. Where I am. Kindness is contagious. Kindness is free. You may not ever know if you have truly made a difference. But I do know, that paths cross for a reason. And this Universe has a magical way of placing us where we are supposed to be and finding what we are supposed to find. A word of encouragement, an act of kindness, goes a long way. I know it does with me. It starts a magical effect and by being kind? It encourages another to be kind. So…..pay for the next person in line if you are able. Carry groceries. Open doors. Give up your seat on the train or subway. SMILE. This world needs more kindness. And that is not dependant upon zip code.

Until next time…..As always…….be kind,


Random Exploring

Greetings! And welcome to still yet another one of Tink’s infamous “do-overs”. Being the occasional airhead I can be, I locked myself out of my main blog site, and after several attempts, emails, and a very near complete breakdown, I just threw in the towel. This? Will be my  main blog site from this point forward. It will receive an overhaul eventually. Check out the previous blog (catherinescottage.net) if you haven’t, but from this point on……COME HERE!!


The past weekend was the first two days of sunshine since I’ve been here in the Ukiah, California area. I packed my cameras, journal, grabbed a scarf and my keys and started driving. I have learned that you don’t need much of a plan to find extraordinary things. I work much better without a map. Just go. GPS will always get me home. I knew the coast was 60 miles away. What I didn’t know……was it took two and a half hours to get there!

Drove through hairpin Forest roads, looked out over some of the most beautiful and rugged scenery. Not too sure where the ocean was….but surely I was headed in the right direction?

The Forest abruptly ended and all of a sudden I saw a “Welcome to Fort Bragg” sign. What a quaint and pretty town! Saw the “big water” and that’s how I spent the rest of my day. Found the infamous “Glass Beach” and spent hours just walking, climbing, and being in awe of what Mother Nature is capable of. This is a place that was used as a landfill…..literally a garbage dump some hundred years ago. Well…..Mother Nature said no way…..took all that garage…..took the glass….spent some time softening, smoothing out, and shining up the glass shards….and then gently laid them back upon her beach. Simply amazing.

Walked along a very long coastal walk, not sure how far I went, I just know that my legs were killing me!! Absolutely breathtaking views.

Made my way back to my infamous hotel room, that I will call home for the next six months. Got up the next morning, and decided I wanted to see some Redwoods. The main super huge Redwoods is about a four hour drive from here, and considering it took me almost three to drive 60 miles (no straight roads from here I’m afraid) I found something a little closer. Not the super huge Redwoods, but an amazing hike nonetheless.

There is so much beauty around us, no matter our zip code. I have had comments such as “oh how I wish I could do what you do”. Well? You can. All this cost me was time, and a tank of gas. I brought my own sandwich. Creating your own adventures is just that. Creating your own adventures. There is an adventure in absolutely anything, anywhere and any time if you choose to look at it that way. No sense in sitting around for a weekend if there is something to discover right down the very road from where you are. We only go around once…..make it count.

As always, thank you for spending your time here with me. Time is valuable, as once it is spent, it is gone. So, thank you for investing a few moments of your day with me.

If you liked what you read, or looked at, (all photos are mine, unedited and raw) please leave a comment, or a like, or follow this blog via email. I have a super long list of places I will explore, some need a passport stamp, some just need a sandwich and a tank of gas. As in my world? It’s ALL an adventure.

As always…….be kind. Until next time…..