If You Could Invite 15 Guests to Dinner – Who Would You Invite?

Greetings! And welcome to my little corner of the world and my blog of randomness. And believe me, this one is random! This will be a challenge, and right here, right now, I challenge you to answer this, either on a thread, or a comment. This question will cause you to think, and consider.

Here’s the challenge:

You are having a dinner party, and can invite fifteen guests, not family or your children as that is just obvious, dead or alive, current or historical, real or fictional for whatever reasons you choose. Here is my guest list:

NELSON MENDELLA – Has to be one of the most influential people in history. His story has always fascinated me and I would love to sit down with him and find out how he spent most of his life wrongly imprisoned, to only come out stronger and more dedicated than ever to his cause.

CHESTER BENNINGTON – The lead singer of all my all time favorite band Linkin Park that sadly took his own life last year. I have to be honest and say this rocked my world and the hangover from that loss still has a hold on me. I found him incredibly talented, open and raw about his own struggles with Mental Illness. I would like to really pick his brain. About the career, the motivation for the songs he wrote, his depression and the hold it had over him. I feel I could probably learn so much from this gentle soul with the outrageous voice.

WINNIE THE POOH – Who doesn’t love Pooh? He has the most simple statements that were literally profound. Silly old bear! (I would make sure we had pots of honey on the table)

LADY DIANNA – My all time heroine. She died on my youngest sons birthday. I still have every newspaper of that day. The day the world stood still. She emanated kindness. Opened the door for AIDS acceptance, and was a pioneer in her own right. Never to be replaced. I will seat her by Nelson, as I think they could have a lot to talk about.

GRAHAM NORTON- I youtube this man’s show literally every night and he never fails to make me laugh. He can be our comic entertainment.

LADY GAGA – Haven’t always been a fan of her art, but I have always been a fan of her. She is random, one of a kind, but she has ALWAYS rallied for the underdog, the misfits, the ones that don’t belong. She has been true to herself and her art since day one. I’m glad to see she has matured and ventured out to other strengths. She truly is strong, yet gentle.

ADOLF HITLER – Now I know this isn’t a popular choice, but bare with me. I would just HAVE to pick his Brain with my million questions. He was insane, and evil, but he was a maniacal genius for his time. To get the multitude to stand behind his lunacy and follow suit to insanity I would have to know why. WHY? I believe he will be sitting in between Winnie the Pooh and Graham, with Gaga across the table.

IRENA SENDLER- Amazing woman from WWII where she saved 2500 children from extermination in war-torn Poland. She wrote their names on slips of paper, put them in a jar, and buried it under an apple tree in hopes that she could reunite them with their families after the war. She died at 98 years old and 2018 was dedicated the “Year of Irena Sandler” In Poland. (she wouldn’t sit anywhere near Adolf by the way)

LEONARDO DICAPRIO- I admit it, have aways been a Leo fan. I’ve seen most of everything he’s made and I consider him Brilliant. My favorites are “Blood Diamond” and “The Revanant”. He also runs an amazing foundation focusing on global warming and protecting endangered species. Definitely a fan. (I will be sitting in between him and Chester)

MARTIN LUTHER KING – Does there need to be an explanation for this one? He will be seated on the other side of Nelson b

PETER PAN –I’m cheating here as I know if I invite Peter Pan I know that Tinkerbell will be right here too…..so its kind of like a BOGO.

MY GRANDAD – Definitely one of the most important people in my life. His name was William Polley and he died in 1993. Therefore my “name” has always been Polley93. In honor of him.

RUSSELL WESTBROOK- You didn’t think I would ignore the sports world did you? I’m a sports fan and I love basketball,, and I love the OKC Thunder, so Russ has got to be there. Damn he is amazing to watch!

DARTH VADER -Must find out more about the back story. There just has GOT to be more about the back story! The creation of this character was pure genius.

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE –The female pioneer of the amazing career of nursing. She paved the way for the care of the injured, purely because it was the right thing to do. It was about SERVICE. I believe that her story and her mission should be required reading for every nursing student to remind them about the foundation of the origins of their chosen career. It’s important.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it causes you to think. What people would you like to spend an evening with so that you could talk to them and ask them anything? it is quite the interesting questions to ponder.

Thank you for stopping by, as always, it is very appreciated. And I mean that!

Until next time………..be kind………..always,


Doors Around The World

Greetings and welcome to my little corner of the world. My random blog that covers all kinds of subjects.

I have always had a borderline obsession with doors. In all of my travels I always end up doing photo shoots of doors. They are mesmerizing to me because I can see a story behind every single one. I have often considered writing a collection of short stories all about doors. Call it an idea……

I didn’t label where all of these doors are from but the list is long and I have hundreds and hundreds more. Yes, just of doors. These were in Connecticut, Scotland, Wales, England, Budapest, Prague and British Columbia. Also somewhere in the middle of Wyoming.

Doors can be an opening. Welcoming, warm, inviting. Doors can also be a block, slammed, a silent KEEP OUT sign.

Doors can be colorful. They can be perfect. They can be damaged and weather worn. They can have big thick locks on them, or be cracked open waiting for the next visitor.

Doors can protect secrets. Doors can tell stories. Doors can be silent observers of the life that happens around them, in front of them, or……..behind them.

This was just one of those random moments where I was looking through tens of thousands of photos and kept being attracted to the ones of doors.

Not sure if this was your cup of tea, but it sure Brought me back to the many places they were taken! Thank you so very much for visiting and checking out may photos!

Until next time……..be kind……..always,


Why I Don’t Buy Christmas 🎁 Gifts

Greetings and welcome to my little blog and my little corner of the world. I appreciate every single visitor, every person who gets to my “be kind” sign off at the end of the blog post, every comment, every like. I appreciate it all. So thank you. Thank you sincerely for supporting my effort. It means the world.

Christmas. The best holiday of the year to most. I’m sure you caught the title of this post, and no, I am not a Scrooge. I have just changed the way I approach the holidays and I have a plethora of reasons why, so bare with me.

This post in no uncertain terms, is a slight  to anyone who loves the shopping. The wrapping. The lists. the gift tags. The ornaments, etc etc. Whatever makes you happy and whatever you wish to do is quite alright with me. This is purely my opinion and what I have chosen to do.

I have a sizable family with two parents, three siblings plus all of their kids, my four kids and my oldest son who has children too. There is no way you can buy for one without the other, etc. So the list is very long. With me traveling for a living, most times I cannot get anywhere for the holidays and I have been known to spend the holidays on my own in a hotel room. The planning has to start at least early October purely for expenses and the mailing is a small mortgage.

One year my youngest son said, “I don’t need any more things mom, if you really want to do something for us for the holidays, just treat us to dinner or something to do”. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!

I am known as being a Minimalist (work in constant progress) and living with intention. I believe we remember what we do and not what we have. I hear my children talking when they are together and I absolutely have never heard them mention what they GOT, they always talked about what we DID. I look around and see so much need, alongside people scurrying like ants to buy still more for this holiday that is supposed to be about giving.  So I put out an email to my entire family asking them if they would be open to not buying Christmas gifts (except for the children of course) and donate to a worthy non profit cause of our choice instead. The idea went over very well and we all did it.

I toned down drastically the large amount of money I was used to spending and didn’t shop. I bought gift cards for something to do, an activity, out to dinner, etc and spent the time I would have spent shopping, fighting traffic, waiting in lines, fighting grumpy people on writing heartfelt Christmas Cards.

I must admit, it was awkward at first. Christmas came and it felt like I had failed in some way. But it didn’t last long. I literally freed up almost three months of time. I freed up more money than I would care to admit. The holidays felt more intimate, meant more, was real togetherness with great phone calls and genuine hugs as we were not distracted over a mountain of gifts piled up under a tree that would be torn open and enjoyed for a very short time.

It is a decision I do not regret and will continue. No longer will I be a part of the smothering consumerism as  I see people scrambling to buy more, charge more, spend more. I provide a fun activity or a meal or something special like a massage or a pedicure and make donation so that others can be helped and not forgotten during the most commercialized holiday of the year.

Last year I donated to

Water.org – a non profit that’s purpose is to provide clean water to underserved areas in third world countries.

MusicForRelief.org – a non profit that reaches out to those affected by natural disasters

And I donated 20 new blankets to the local homeless shelter.

Like I mentioned before, if Christmas is your thing, then go for it and be happy. The holidays are great. The food. The family. The laughs. The silly hats. I love it all. I have just stepped back from the downside of it. And the downside for me is the overwhelming consumerism that I try very hard to step away from as much as I can.

Thank you for your patience and for stopping by!

Until next time……….be kind……..always,


The Flawsome Award

Hello and welcome!

I was so happy, excited, and humbled to be nominated for this award by the fabulous @TaraOSullivan. This blogger is exceptional in every way. I encourage you to follow her blog.


The Flawsome award was created by Sophia Isma and you can find her at


This award celebrates our flaws that make us awesome as we turn them into strengths. As humans, we should embrace our flaws, after all, we all have them! As Sophia so eloquently states; “Our flaws make us Flawsome.”


  • Link back to the creator of award – Sophia
  •  Display Award
  •  List three personal flaws and turn them into strengths
  •  Nominate ten fellow bloggers

So here we go!


I am a master procrastinator. It is a skill. I put off deadlines until the last minute. I have been this way my whole life and I cannot tell you why. It doesn’t stress me out at all, because I meet my deadlines. Since I know this about myself, I use a planner, all the time, every month – every week – every day. I’m not sure it will ever be a “strength”. I have tried all sorts of remedies and have failed. So, I have embraced this about myself, do not look at it as a bad trait anymore. I just know its part of who I am.


I am not very patient at times. I am a horrible waiter. I am that person who changes lines at the bank or the grocery, only to find if I would have stayed in the original line I would have been done with my errand. I will buy something for someone way ahead of time for a birthday or whatever, and do you think I could wait for the birthday? Oh no….they get it early and then I’m stuck come birthday time! I have learned to just wait and take a breath. This flaw however, has served me well, as I tend to get a ton of things done at record speed. And I have learned to stay in the line I started in.


I am stubborn, I admit it. Im not closed minded, so not stubborn as to ideals etc. I am just stubborn when it comes to goals. I love to travel and go on my adventures, and at times it is so unrealistic and far out of reach. But this flaw serves me very well, as I am hell bent on going to wherever my heart is set at the moment, and I make it happen! I don’t take no for an answer!  I have an extremely demanding and time consuming career and sometimes where I want to go is just not making sense. But the list of places I have been able to travel to is pretty lengthy so I’m thinking my stubbornness is paying off in flight miles!

I nominate the following bloggers:











Thanks for the visit! And thank you again @TaraOSullivan!

Until next time…….be kind……always,


Moments – Living with Intention

Greetings and welcome to my little blog full of randomness. I call it my “little corner of the world” as that is what sometimes I think of it as. My collection of thoughts, habits, trips, photos, beliefs etc. So, welcome!

I have worked hard at adopting. different lifestyle the past few years. Life changes and doesn’t turn out the way you had thought it would at times. So it calls for readjustments and sometimes a change of direction. As most of you know who have followed me at all, I gave up my rented home, sold most of my belongings, gave my car to my middle son, and chose to work on a travel basis, usually in hotels in random areas throughout the US. It has worked for me well for the most part.

Moments. It truly is all we have. And when you really look at it, all we have is the moment we are in. You don’t have ten minutes ago, and you don’t have ten minutes from now. You just have now. The moment that you are in. I have thought about this, I have written about this, I have taught this and I have lectured on this. How to train yourself into giving 100% of who you are to this moment you are in. At this moment, I cannot do anything for my kids, I can’t do anything about the patients at work. The only thing I am doing is writing this blog post. So I can assure you, you are getting 100% of my current moments. This is “Living With Intention”, and once it is mastered, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish, how much more quality the outcomes are, how much better the ones around you feel loved, and how much better you sleep, rest, and rejuvenate.

The moments we all collect along our way we can “tuck away in our back pocket and keep forever”, they become precious, they become a part of who we are.

But keep in mind, moments are like currency. They are like money. And once they are spent, they are spent. Unlike money, you cannot earn more. You can’t barter for more, trade for more, or ask for more. You don’t get awarded more just because you are a good person. Once they are spent. They are spent. Period.

What are you spending your moments on?

I hope I have offered you something to consider. Something to think about. If I have in some small way? Then the purpose of this post is complete.

Until next time………be kind……….always,


My Love Letter to my Fellow Bloggers – Yes, this means YOU

Greetings and welcome to my little corner of the world. I thank you most sincerely for visiting and spending some of your moments with me.

This blog post is a little different than my usual. But then again, what exactly is my normal? I create and post from my heart and soul, and it presents itself as a blog post. I have had this on my heart for awhile, and so here it is.

Blogging is hard work, no doubt. You have to tap into your creative self, find the time, find the space, write what you are hoping will sound relatively intelligent and interesting, take photos, find photos, edit photos, ask yourself if you love it, edit it, schedule it, track it……..well you get what I’m saying.

With that said, what I have found in the blogging world are two main things

The first one is, that it is just as important to support others as it is to support your own blog. By us reading each others content, commenting and being encouraging, retweeting like a maniac in hopes that others will enjoy reading what you just did, and then maybe, just perhaps, you can help their site grow. I have found that this is instrumental to connecting to others. I think of this blogging community as a family. I have believed that the numbers will come. Giving is the secret to true success when it comes to blogging. None of us are islands unto ourselves.

I have gained a lot, learned a lot, and have gotten to know many of you and have grown as a person.

So here is my love letter to you all.

THINGS I HAVE LEARNED FROM YOU – I have traveled with you and learned about all kinds of places I have never been, the south of France, Riding a camel in the Sahara, Disneyland Paris, Slovenia, The Northern Lights, the Eiffel Tower at night, Museums, Sunsets and sunrises, the list is endless. I have learned how to cook a few new things, have learned about facial moisturizers and skin care, different palettes for eye make up and perfumes. I have learned how to scrapbook from magazines, make wedding favors, and the latest fashion. I have learned about Pinterest and I have learned I have a collection of friends who are just as frustrated with Instagram as I am!  I have learned about plug ins, collabs, and creating different websites. I have learned about 30 day challenges, yoga, meditation, and new exercise routines.. I have learned more about Mental Health and the challenges and struggles there in which helps me be a better person. I have learned about new books to read, countless fall ideas, movies to watch, and music to listen to. And I have only been doing this seriously for 3 and 1/2 months. I find that simply amazing.

I have learned all of this by spending hours and hours reading your blogs, You have taught me much and you have made me a better person.

THINGS I APPRECIATE ABOUT YOU – I have appreciated so much. I think I am taken back by the views and comments on my blog posts. I blog because I love to blog. I love what I write about and it is quite amazing that others do as well. It means more than you know. I know that I RT others a lot, I do love being supportive, but it makes me do a happy dance whenever one of mine gets retweeted! Makes me so happy! The true key to blogging success is giving, sharing, commenting and retweeting.

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT ALL OF YOU – I love the creativity and the very wide and diverse topics that are a part of this blogging community. I love the support and the group of bloggers that are focused on retweeting us all, we would be lost without them! I love the fact that whenever I get on the infamous Twitter and read a blog or two, I come away with a “pearl”, which is what I call a little nugget of knowledge. I love the fact that the young and old, the stay at home moms to the career people, the full time bloggers without employment outside of that to the part time bloggers working alongside of it, can all come together on this platform, supporting each other, learning from each other and teaching each other.

This is my love letter to every one of you who have taken the time to read this. You have all been pieces of a puzzle that has truly enriched my life, made me think, taught me much, and definitely has helped make me a better person.

And I sincerely thank you.

Until next time………be kind……….always,


Blogger Recognition Award

Hello! And welcome!

Noteworthy: The blogger who nominated me was very active on Twitter, had an awesome blog and he was very open about his Anxiety disorder and struggle with Emetaphobia. He has literally disappeared. All posts and his Twitter account is gone. I’m sincerely worried. This post was created before his disappearance. I sincerely hope it’s only an internet glitch. I struggled with publishing this, but decided to go ahead.

I was indeed very humbled by being nominated for this honor by the amazing @anxious_Lee. He in his own right is a very honest and upfront blogger, focusing on his journey successfully with Mental Illness. I encourage all of you to follow his blog.


The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers, by bloggers, who appreciate the hard work, dedication and vast amount of hours that are put into each and every blog post, as well as keeping their websites updated and current. We, as bloggers, whether full time or part time or just for fun, realize that blogging is a time consuming and dedicated effort.


  • Write a post showing your Award
  • Give brief story of how your blog started
  •  2 pieces of advice to give new bloggers
  • Thank you to who nominated you and include a link to their blog
  •  Select 15 bloggers to nominate

And here we go!


I actually started this blog back in 2014, the year I started to write my first novel (which is still a work in progress……what an undertaking!!) It started as just a creative outlet, mostly for myself, a few followers, mostly family and friends. I have just recently become serious about the book I started, and decided to really put my heart and soul (and time……lots of time……as I’m sitting here past midnight typing away) into my blog. This is month #4, I have been posting 3 times per week and it hasn’t killed me! And so I go on.


There is so much that could be said here, but I’m a bottom line kind of girl so I will say this. Be true to yourself. Period. Don’t try to do what sells, or what gets the views or the numbers. You will burn out. Blogging is not for the faint of heart. There are obstacles and challenges. There is writers block and discouraging moments. We have all been there. But fall in love with your blog. Love what you do and what you put out there. Be true to who you are. It’s a learning curve. We improve with time, with practice, and with learning. Be patient. But?


















All of the above blogs are SO worth following! I encourage you to do just that!

Until next time…..be kind…..always,


My Random and Lofty Bucket List

Greetings! Welcome to my little corner of the world and my random blog where I post about random subjects. Today, I am writing my infamous bucket list.

Now not everyone believes in doing such a thing. Silly some say. But I do believe in dreams. I do believe in reaching out for the almost impossible. I do believe in my “passion plan”, and I do believe in reaching just beyond what is realistic. It is quite amazing what you can do, where you can go, and what you can accomplish if you j just let your mind go and consider the possibilities.

We all have heard of that infamous quote “Reach for the moon…….if you miss you will land amongst the stars”. I believe this to be true. I aim high. I work towards it. But even if I fall short? I am way ahead of where I would be without the lofty goal to begin with.

Hence……a bucket list. A list of dreams. I list of possibilities. I realize accomplishing the list could be impossible. But I can tell you this……I will hit most of them!!

My Bucket list (no specific order…..and as you will see……the majority of it is travel destinations and experiences. These are the “things” that enrich life, broaden our world view, and make us better people. This I believe. Will keep it to twenty.

1. LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR 3-6 MONTHS – I have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel quite a bit, but it will never be enough (as you will see in the upcoming list) I would like to be able to stay long enough to immerse myself in the culture, really get used to the food, and make a few friends that will stick. Would be great material for a book, yes?

2. TAKE A THREE MONTH TREK ACROSS EUROPE – I have wanted to do this my entire life. Trains, buses, trams, and a different city every few days or week. I have though about this, written about this, bought books about this. And one day…..I will do this. I have a bullet journal that I add to whenever I learn something new about doing this adventure…..solo……backpack only.

3. VOLUNTEER IN AN ELEPHANT SANCTUARY IN THAILAND – does this really need an explanation? I think not!

4. BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR – If I could have my dream life, it would be to live in a cottage or villa by the water and be able to write books all day. I have written for years, and will be published someday.

5. STAND BEFORE THE ACROPOLIS IN ATHENS, GREECE – Wow. I know this is on this bucket list, but it has been on a bucket list of mine long term, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating, but? I’M GOING IN DECEMBER!! CRIKEY!!!

6. CONQUER THE WALK ACROSS ENGLAND TO ROBIN HOOD’S BAY – I have wanted to do this for years. It’s about 125 miles or so? In 11-13 days. I would live to just walk that whole trek with a group doing the same thing and photograph the entire journey. More book material?

7. GO ON AN AFRICAN SAFARI WITH MY CAMERA – This certainly is a lofty goal due to the basic issue of money. I just simply have to see some of those magnificent animals before they are gone forever.

8. SEE THE AMAZON IN ECUADOR AND PERU BEFORE ITS GONE – There are group excursions that do this, where you experience the Amazon, in canoes down rivers, eat with indigenous tribes, explore jungles and learn about the medicines created there. MUST DO THIS.

9. RIDE A CAMEL IN THE SAHARA DESERT – Morocco has been on my list of must-go’s for quite a while and I’m not even sure why. It just looks fascinating, so colorful and totally different than anything I have ever experienced. This is top three on my must see list, and I may even be able to pull this off next year? Time will tell.

10. OWN MY TINY HOUSE ON MY OWN LAND –  I live pretty minimally and don’t need a big space. I like small, compact, low maintenance, I have researched tiny homes for years. I would like to live mostly off grid, in a peaceful place, in Northern Arizona

11. STAND IN FRONT OF THE STATUE OF DAVID IN FLORENCE – One of the most spectacular pieces of art in the world. It is said that every angle gives a different view that it is so perfect. Just have to see this.

12. SPEND AN ENTIRE WEEK IN LONDON TO EXPLORE – This has always been something I have wanted to do. I would want to go in the Fall just when it is starting to get chilly!

13. OWN A GREENHOUSE – Grow some of my own food? Oh yes please! The picture in my mind is my tiny house, about 400sqft, to the left of it is a small working structure, just for writing, my photography, etc. My workspace apart from my living space. And a greenhouse, with yummy things I can grow and eat. My dream.

14. READ 52 BOOKS IN A CALENDAR YEAR – One of these years I will do this….the closest I have gotten so far has been 32.

15. HAVE A PICNIC WITH THE EIFEL TOWER IN VIEW – A sandwich, or baguette, a drink, on a blankety of some kind, looking at that magnificent structure. Oh yes!

16. VISIT AUSCHWEITZ – This is a somber subject for a Bucket List but I simply have to go. I have read hundreds of books on this time in our world history, and I truly believe that if we don’t learn from our history, it is bound to repeat itself. I have always been drawn to these things, as I am classified as an “extreme empath”, so the trail of tears and the Native Americans, the cemeteries, the slave quarters on Southern plantations. This is something I must do.

17. SPEND A MONTH IN THE CITY OF PRAGUE – I fell in love with this city when I visited there last year. My sister and I sat on hotel beds late at night and talked about coming back but staying for a month. Definitely will do this.

18. CUTTING DOWN TO WORKING ONLY PART TIME – This is a must. If I can work hard for a few more years and cut down my career hours, then this list will be much more doable!!

19. DUBLIN PUB CRAWL – I have always wanted to visit Ireland, and for all the times I have been back to England I have never been. This simply MUST chang!

20. Ok, so there’s no way  can keep it to 20, so this one will be one long sentence – Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, See the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, Visit Macchu Piccu in Peru, See the hand bridge in Viet Nam, Touch the Berlin Wall, See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan, See tulips in Amsterdam and the windmills, Stand on the mountains in Austria, Visit Russia, Listen to the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia, See an Opera in Vienna, Take a Thermal Bath in Budapest, Visit Bruges, Lake Bled, Slovenia, Carriage ride in Krakow, All day in art museums in Paris, Quebec City Canada, See a live Broadway show in NYC, Ride the red Tain through the Alps, Own a dog, Sit on a beach all day and read in the Mediterranean. 

What’s on your bucket list?


Don’t forget to dream!

Until next time………be kind………..always,


Top 5 Favorites – Books

Greetings! And welcome to my little corner of the world. Thank you for stopping by and spending a moment or two here with me. I truly appreciate it.

Today I will be reviewing my top five books, but I must be honest. I could not narrow it down to five. I am a chronic reader, and I tried and tried, but could only hone it down to eight. So here are my top five (not) favorite books. I have read them all, more than once, and highly recommend them all. They have become staples in my library and I could pick any of these up at any time and read them again. I will just give an overview without any spoiler alerts necessary.


This book is one of the most interesting “history” books I believe I have ever read. This is a major scar on American history. It is the story of the holocaust of the Native American. It is written tribe by tribe, event by event, and leader by leader. It is heart wrenching but real.


This book has literally become my bible. I remember years ago when my kids were in bed, I was washing dishes with the tv on in the background, and Ted Coppel was on. This was a late night news kind of show. I remember being drawn to this interview with an old man in a bed, and he was dying. He knew he was dying and what he spoke of was literally profound. This is the story of second chances. His favorite student, and author of this book, Mitch Albom (Morrie was a college Professor) met up again years later, and they ended up meeting every Tuesday so Mitch Albom could write his story. It was one final class. It was a lesson on how to live. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this one. My number one favorite book of all time and I read it at least twice a year.


John Steinbeck. A classic and fantastic American author. This is a deep novel about morals, right and wrong, good vs evil, family, and redemption. This is hands down, a must read. It has so much interwoven into the story, that if you read it again, it gives a whole new perspective.


This was a random find. I started writing my first novel in 2014 and was on a frenzy finding other novice authors on the infamous Twitter. I found this book and literally could not put it down. I contacted the author, who was very helpful and we became friends. Since then, this book has been promoted and bought worldwide and is currently being made into a film. It’s a true story and is mesmerizing. Highly recommend.


You would think that a book written about the history of humankind would be……well……kinda boring. Not in the slightest! I have never read a book about such in depth subject matter that was so reader friendly. It is one of those “surprises” that you had a difficult time putting down. I learned so much from reading this that it would take me a week to explain. An added bonus was the pages were shiny and different, and I loved that! If you are ever drawn to read this book, do NOT hesitate, just do it. I have one word for this brilliant work. WOW!


A definite must read. This isn’t a terribly long book and you can get through it in a couple  of days, but oh my! Does it have a lot to say and make you think. The story is about Charlie, who is mentally retarded but is reasonably functional. He has a job at a bakery as a janitor and delivery person. He was chosen for an experimental surgery to enhance his intelligence and befriends a mouse who had the same procedure done. The main theme of this story Is; Is it better to be intelligent so you see the harshness of reality in a sometimes cruel world? Or is it better to be simple so everything seems beautiful. Simply a must read.


This is the story of Louie Zamperini who as a child was always in trouble. His solace was running which he became proficient in and ended up on the 1936 Olympic Team. WWI broke out and he went to war, his plane was shot down, he spent 47 days afloat in a rubber raft and was captured by the Japanese and ended up in a labor camp full of injustice and terrible abuse because of his notoriety. This is a story of redemption and strength. It was simply amazing. A true survivor story.


I have always been a little obsessed with the Holocaust and the stories of survival that came from that horrific time. This is one of those stories. It is about four school girls who had to do a history project somewhere in Kansas when they ran across a little blurb in one of their history books about a woman named Irene Sandler and how she had saved 2500 children from their demise from that time in history. Very little information was available about this person so they went on an information hunt. Ended up writing a play performing it, and found Irena Sandler over in Poland. Who, indeed, had saved over 2500 children. She wrote each of their names on a slip of paper, put it in a jar and buried it under an apple tree in hopes of someday reuniting them with their families after the war. The girls were able to get to Poland and meet this amazing woman. She died nine days after this, she was 98. Poland declared 2018 as “The Year of Irena Sandler”. This is an absolute must read.

Honestly? I could have a list of a hundred must reads. But for now, these are my top eight. I say “top” as I could pick any one of these books up, at any time, and read them again without hesitation. I promise you, you will feel the same.

Until next time……..be kind……always,


Sunshine Blogger Award

I have been nominated for this award a few times, and sadly by the time I settled into my blog time I was a complete mess trying to find the posts and get it done. At times blogging can feel overwhelming, and I do apologize if I have let anyone down, truly never my intention. Thankfully @niamhrblogs and @itsmycrazybeau1 recently nominated me again and I’m “growing up” as a blogger so a little bit more organized in this vast world of blogging.

I highly encourage all of you to subscribe and follow the two fantastic bloggers who nominated me. Her posts are lively and fresh and definitely worth keeping up with! Niamhrblogs.wordpress.com


The Sunshine blogger award recognizes those who spread a little sunshine around the blogging community and are supportive of others. I can honestly admit, that I spend as much time (if not more) of my blogging time reading blogs and leaving comments all over the place as well as retweeting…….which is so important for all of us to learn and grow together.


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Here we go! (Since there were two nominations – will mix the questions up a bit)

1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Living in my Tiny House. Writing. Working sporadic assignments. Traveling.

2. If you could own any car – what would it be?

I would get another Jeep Wrangler. I’m all about my adventures!

3. Cats or Dogs and why?

Oh my goodness I would love to have either. I’m just too mobile to have a pet at the moment. But eventually I will own an English Bulldog named Buzz Lightyear.

4. Who is your best supporter?

That would be one and only sister. Hands down. She’s always had my back and is my biggest cheerleader.

5. If you could interview anyone for your blog – who would it be?

Nelson Mandella. His story is so fascinating. How he could be wrongly imprisoned for most of his life and come out so humble and still wanting to make a difference and ended up being President of his country. Simply profound.

6. If you could donate to any charity, which one would you choose?

I donate to two charities at least twice a year. Water.org who is working in clean water access to impoverished nations and Musicforrelief.org that helps those stricken by national disasters.

7. Hands for feet, or feet for hands?

Hmmmm. Is this a trick question?

8. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be.

World hunger has got to go. Inexcusable how any human being can die from starvation. No one should have to go hungry.

9. First Album you ever bought?

Jackson Five – Greatest Hits

10. What do you hope to get out of blogging?

If I have added anything positive to any of my readers, I will consider myself successful.

11. Instagram or Twitter?

No contest. Twitter hands down. Instagram feels fake. Too many unfollow games. I don’t see a lot of quality. Twitter feels like family.

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My Questions For You To Answer:

1. Single? Married? Partner?

2. You have a round trip all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world for a week with the stipulation you go alone. Where would you go? Why?

3. Where do you picture yourself in five years? Where will you be? What will you be doing?

4. Favorite childhood memory

5. Coffee or tea? Beer or wine?

6. Describe your perfect day off

7. What is your biggest pet peeve?

8. Sunrises or sunsets?

9. Your biggest goal and purpose for blogging

10. Favorite color and why

11. The best thing you love about yourself.

And by the way, the bloggers I nominated are well worth following and subscribing to their blogs. Definitely! Don’t hesitate! Follow them now!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for participating. And again, my apology for coming late to the party!

Until next time…….be kind…….always,