Doors Around The World

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I have always had a borderline obsession with doors. In all of my travels I always end up doing photo shoots of doors. They are mesmerizing to me because I can see a story behind every single one. I have often considered writing a collection of short stories all about doors. Call it an idea……

I didn’t label where all of these doors are from but the list is long and I have hundreds and hundreds more. Yes, just of doors. These were in Connecticut, Scotland, Wales, England, Budapest, Prague and British Columbia. Also somewhere in the middle of Wyoming.

Doors can be an opening. Welcoming, warm, inviting. Doors can also be a block, slammed, a silent KEEP OUT sign.

Doors can be colorful. They can be perfect. They can be damaged and weather worn. They can have big thick locks on them, or be cracked open waiting for the next visitor.

Doors can protect secrets. Doors can tell stories. Doors can be silent observers of the life that happens around them, in front of them, or……..behind them.

This was just one of those random moments where I was looking through tens of thousands of photos and kept being attracted to the ones of doors.

Not sure if this was your cup of tea, but it sure Brought me back to the many places they were taken! Thank you so very much for visiting and checking out may photos!

Until next time…… kind……..always,


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  1. Wow, I love this post! I never thought too much about doors before, but they can be so beautiful and represent so much. You have such an impressive collection of photos, each of them so unique and tells its own story. This is a really creative post, thank you for giving me a fresh perspective on something I see so often by hardly give any thought about. I’m going to be paying more attention to the different types of doors I see when I am out and about now. Lovely post and photos, thank you for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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    1. Such a lovely comment! Thank you so very much for sharing some of your moments with me. Yes I photograph a multitude of inanimate objects. I’ve always had the mind of seeing beyond the ordinary and mundane. Your comment means the world, and I thank you.

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  2. Another Great blog, I never paid this detail attention to any door. I found it really cool some designs are really amazing. Very innovative idea and no wonder you only can come up with with these great ideas and posts.

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  3. This was unusually captivating. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to doors so I loved this post. The craftsmanship, detail and personal touches to doors are so intriguing. You put such a spin on how the everyday person would view doors. Thanks for sharing the lovely images. I enjoyed every one of them.
    Nancy |

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  4. How lovely! I never realized how much I liked doors until I saw how colourful and bright they could be in Europe. Estonia seems to have a lot of wonderful doors too! Glad to see other door fans out there.

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  5. I’ve always been drawn to doors and photos of doors but I never understood why. But you explained it perfectly- it’s not just that they are cute. They can mean so many things! Doors represent beginnings, endings, welcoming open arms or harsh lock-outs. No wonder they are so fascinating!

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      1. Welcome! My country offers much to see which are not found elsewhere. Some examples, World’s biggest snow castle where is possible to spend nights inside, world’s biggest wooden church, unique poor-man statues, sculpture parcs with more than 500 wooden art works, Saunas on wheels, bear carving contests, meeting Santa even in summer, in winter reindeer rides and even possibility to participate in a free reindeer race which is open for everybody.

        Two examples:

        Reindeer rides and Santa

        Best Snow Castle photos

        Happy and safe travels!

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