Multnomah Falls, Portland

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There is something purely magical about standing before a waterfall. The water just keeps coming and coming. You hear the power of it’s force. You smell the crispness of the air surrounding the spray. It’s Mother Nature at one of her finest moments. Oh yes, there is something special about a waterfall.

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to visit this waterfall three times in my life. Multnomah Falls, right outside of Portland Oregon. I suppose it takes about 45 minutes or so to drive to the area. The drive is gorgeous, but then again, its Oregon.

Its greener than green. Beautiful moss covers the tree trunks in blankets of calm. Birds chirp, and the sound of the waterfall surrounds everything and fills your soul. I simply love it there. It would be a perfect place to write if you could be there by yourself. Which is impossible……

This waterfall towers at 620 feet. It is the tallest in Oregon and second tallest in the United States.

Sending at the bottom and any doubt of the strength and force of Mother Nature disappears. It pounds like an earthly hammer from 620 feet above into the deep pool below. Fantastic to stand there!

If you are fortunate enough to be able to be in the Portland area, for any reason. Carve out the time to find this magnificent place. It is magical there, for many reasons. Make a point to go. You will not be sorry.

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  1. This is a beautiful post 🙂 I love getting out in nature. You have such an eye for photography by the way. You have really captured the spirit of this place. I can almost hear the waterfall and smell the trees 💜

    Rach xx

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  2. The way you write is dreamy!! It’s so beautifully descriptive! I just loved this, it felt like I was there even though I’m all the way in the U.K. It looks like such a gorgeous place, photos are wonderful! This post was like a little dose of self-care, thank you x

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