The Flawsome Award

Hello and welcome!

I was so happy, excited, and humbled to be nominated for this award by the fabulous @TaraOSullivan. This blogger is exceptional in every way. I encourage you to follow her blog.

The Flawsome award was created by Sophia Isma and you can find her at

This award celebrates our flaws that make us awesome as we turn them into strengths. As humans, we should embrace our flaws, after all, we all have them! As Sophia so eloquently states; “Our flaws make us Flawsome.”


  • Link back to the creator of award – Sophia
  •  Display Award
  •  List three personal flaws and turn them into strengths
  •  Nominate ten fellow bloggers

So here we go!


I am a master procrastinator. It is a skill. I put off deadlines until the last minute. I have been this way my whole life and I cannot tell you why. It doesn’t stress me out at all, because I meet my deadlines. Since I know this about myself, I use a planner, all the time, every month – every week – every day. I’m not sure it will ever be a “strength”. I have tried all sorts of remedies and have failed. So, I have embraced this about myself, do not look at it as a bad trait anymore. I just know its part of who I am.


I am not very patient at times. I am a horrible waiter. I am that person who changes lines at the bank or the grocery, only to find if I would have stayed in the original line I would have been done with my errand. I will buy something for someone way ahead of time for a birthday or whatever, and do you think I could wait for the birthday? Oh no….they get it early and then I’m stuck come birthday time! I have learned to just wait and take a breath. This flaw however, has served me well, as I tend to get a ton of things done at record speed. And I have learned to stay in the line I started in.


I am stubborn, I admit it. Im not closed minded, so not stubborn as to ideals etc. I am just stubborn when it comes to goals. I love to travel and go on my adventures, and at times it is so unrealistic and far out of reach. But this flaw serves me very well, as I am hell bent on going to wherever my heart is set at the moment, and I make it happen! I don’t take no for an answer!  I have an extremely demanding and time consuming career and sometimes where I want to go is just not making sense. But the list of places I have been able to travel to is pretty lengthy so I’m thinking my stubbornness is paying off in flight miles!

I nominate the following bloggers:











Thanks for the visit! And thank you again @TaraOSullivan!

Until next time…….be kind……always,


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