Networking & Friendships for Bloggers – Follow Up Friday!

Greetings and welcome to Follow Up Friday!

Two weeks ago both @RachaelHope90 and myself reached out with a Networking idea. A way to connect, learn, grow, and promote. A “Follow Train” that doesn’t move only to get lost in the twitter feed. Something that will stay here and keep growing. Leave your name, blog, and content description and join us! We grow stronger, wiser, and better bloggers by supporting each other!

Thank you to the following TEAM PLAYERS!! Who have already seen the value in this and have joined together to follow, support and promote each other.

T- ogether

E- veryone

A- chieves

M- ore

Here we go!!

Thank you to the following – The “founders” of our group! Make sure you give them all a follow, check out their blog, Comment and RETWEET!! And, of course, ADD YOURSELF!!

BECCA BLOGS IT OUT   “I blog mostly about parenting (I’m a twin mum) and mental health.

MY BEST FRIEND ADELINE   “I’m Joan and I blog about all things positive – providing support and reassurance especially to those who may be facing mental health struggles.


I’m Rachael and I write about blogging and social media tips! I also design notebooks and such.


HI, My name is Lee and my blog talks about my journey with Mental Health. I have been living with Anxiety and Emetophobia for 11 years and have learned how to accept it as a part of me. I hope to spread awareness, positivity and help others.


My name is Stewart and my blog posts are all based on travel, lifestyle, mental health and general tips about life through my own experiences.


I’m Jo and I blog about all sorts at


I’m a UK travel blogger, on a mission to visit all. 50 states of the US.


I blog about literally anything tbh.


My blog started as a music/film blog for one of my uni modules but has evolved into a blog of all of my ideas to date.


I’m Astoria. I talk about my experiences with my mental illness and self help as well.,


I am Sana. I mostly blog about self care and parenting.


I blog about crafts, creativeness, travel and lifestyle.


I am a midlife crisis survivor working my way through a bucket list and trying to sort my house so I can finally go traveling.


It is first and foremost a travel blog, but it also includes money stuff, blogging frustrations and a side of multiple sclerosis.


I’m Nancy and my blog challenges you to grow thru self awareness and daily challenges.


Ia write about my travels, food, life, photography and books. http://www.nadianelson,com


I’m Scylla. I primarily focus on philosophy, law, books and general musings.


I write about food, fitness and lifestyle at


I’m Samantha, and I post about anything and everything that I can. I like writing about my tinder tales and dating dilemmas!

And again, I encourage you to join us. Leave you info in the comments.

Until next time…….be kind…….always,


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