Networking & Friendships for Bloggers

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I have been asked by the exceptional Rachael (@RachaelHope90) to share in the endeavor of helping our fellow bloggers to Network, build friendships, and help each other grow.

Let’s face it, we are all busy. I love the Twitter follow trains. You can meet new bloggers, make new friends, I mean, it’s really pretty awesome. But for me, it’s ten minutes later, I can’t find the thread again, frustration ensues. (But I will always try!) With the pockets of time that I have, some things don’t work out too well for. me. I am not one of those lucky enough to be a full time blogger, or be able to be at home.   I have to fit my blog in where I can and do my best. I am managing to post three times per week and it is definitely a challenge!

Enter……a Networking Idea. We ALL need to network. Whether we are blogging for fun, for profit, for creative or social reasons. You try to do it alone? Good luck! WE NEED EACH OTHER! So enter this “Networking and Friendships for Bloggers”…..

This is sort of like a “Follow Train”, however, the train is parked at the station and it is easy to find! How it works:

Leave a comment with the link to your blog and a brief description of your content. Let’s build this together and help each other! I will share this weekly, as it is bound to grow. When you have done that, be sure to check out the other bloggers that have commented as well. Read their content, leave some love. THIS is how blogging grows! I will market this weekly, with my infamous Retweet obsession!



I put significant time every single day here on Twitter to read blogs, follow, leave comments and especially Retweet. Spending the time to read someones blog and leave a comment is by far the best part of blogging. That someone is reading what you have created! Comment often my friends. Comment often.

By Retweeting the material that you have read gets shared with your followers, if it gets RT’d again, it gets shared with all of their followers and so forth. This is the secret to growth. Retweeting. I see a million likes compared to Retweets. Retweet!! Retweet! This is the key!

So, leave your comment, with your information so that I can help get the word out there in Blogger-land and we can successfully grow together, get to know each other, and move forward together!

Until next time………be kind………always,


28 thoughts on “Networking & Friendships for Bloggers

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  1. Hi. My names Lee and my blog talks about my journey with Mental health. I have been living with Anxiety and Emetophobia for 11 years and have learnt how to accept it as part of me.
    I hope to spread awareness, positivity and help others challenge Anxiety.

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  2. So true. If I could only get more retweets, not just likes! I appreciate the likes, of course but the tatio of likes to tetweets on most posts serms to be around 3:1. Anyway, I’m a UK travel blogger, on a mission to visit all 50 states of the USA in my lifetime – not so easy when I live in the UK and work full time! I’m blogging about my adventures along the way. Hopefully, I’ll inspire others and offer tips and money saving ideas. My blog is at: – I hope you like it!

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  3. My blog is at
    It is first and foremost a travel blog, but it also includes money stuff, blogging frustrations and a side of multiple sclerosis.
    I never seem to have enough hours in the day, but I always try to connect with fellow bloggers and leave them comments and retweet content. Will check out your other comments and explore these bloggers.

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  4. Great idea!
    Im Nancy and my blog challenges you to grow thru self awareness and daily challenges
    Stop by and challenge yourself today.

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  5. What a wonderful post, Polly! If we pull one another up instead of tear one another down, we all win! I sell Avon on my online boutique. I am trying to raise money to help afford dentures for my husband, to adopt a pre-teen from foster care and genuinely hoping to help other women develop resources and self-confidence! There is a link to sign up as a sales rep under me on my boutique! Thanks again, friend!

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